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NMPA official position opposing separation of immigrant families

The New Mexico Psychological Association (NMPA) calls on the federal government to keep immigrant children with their families. Psychological science has long-warned against the serious negative consequences of separating children from their primary caregivers. As both the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association affirm, doing so threatens the physical and mental health of the children and their families. 

As healthcare providers who spend our days caring for those with emotional wounds, we bear witness to the lasting damage of childhood trauma. We can attest as well to the spill-over impact of that trauma onto the larger society in the form of substance abuse, violence, and damage to individuals who might otherwise have become productive members of society. Hence, we ask our elected leaders to prioritize the needs of innocent children and find a better alternative to this serious problem. The need is immediate, and America is capable of finding better solutions.

NMPA will send this request to elected New Mexico representatives and to the President. We encourage the citizens of New Mexico to join us in encouraging our leaders to protect children from needless suffering.


PDF version: official position statement


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